My work and studio practice is focused primarily in painting processes, with added interests in relief printmaking and drawing. I work with acrylic materials on canvas and paper, integrating stencil, airbrush and pouring techniques in an intuitive manner. My imagery has elucidated nature and environmental themes (see Alt-Scape: 2015-2018) which examined the historical-cultural representation of nature as romantic landscape, reimagined as fragmented amalgamations.

My current (and upcoming work in 2019-2020) emphasizes imagery development through a process of layering geometric patterns with gestural and intuitive mark-making to reveal enigmatic constructs. These constructs infer mystical journeys and destinations derived from the enduring stories and myths of ancient cultures to historical and modern-day children’s fiction. Created with an emphasis on image-making through process and material experimentation, my work reflects an interest in conveying intersecting realms of time, space, perception and cultural narrative. These new works are my Liminal Realities.